Contact Lens Exam and Evaluation

Your contact lens exam is slightly more involved from a standard eye exam. We examine your eyes and evaluate them for conditions such as astigmatism or myopia. We also take into consideration issues like pupil size, dry eyes and any contact lens preferences you may have. We can then recommend the best type of contacts and the brands for you.

New innovations are continually being created in the contact lens industry and Dr. Lininger will look forward to utilizing the newest technology to meet your needs.

We understand that transitioning to contacts can be intimidating and often uncomfortable if you are unaware of best practices. If you have never worn contact lenses before or if it has simply been a while, we offer one-on-one training, that involves insertion and removal training to improve our patient’s comfort and confidence with contact lens use.

Preparing for the Exam

Before going to your appointment, please be prepared to tell the doctor of any issues and help information such as:

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